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UI Design, UX Design, Interaction Design

About this work

I was approached by a company in Singapore that wanted to develop a contextual, personalized hotel app for guests and a companion concierge app for hotel staff. I was tasked with creating a guest app that allowed them to:

  1. • Communicate with hotel staff
  2. • Send requests
  3. • View their trips
  4. • Set preferences and interests

The concierge iPad app needed to be a tool for the concierge, front desk, housekeeping, and room service staff. It needed to enable them to easily communicate with guests, fulfill their service requests, and help make their guests' stays more enjoyable and relaxed. Some of the core features were:

  1. • Easily communicate with guests
  2. • Fulfill their service requests
  3. • Help make their guests' stays more enjoyable
  4. • Track their guests' arrivals and departures

Guest app

For the guest app, I wanted it to immediately feel personalized for the user that had logged-in, set-up an account, set preferences, and input their trips. The homescreen was to be a jumping off point for the guest. Once they arrive in a location, they get a personalized location message. The hotel staff can send messages and suggestions for them based on the guest's preferences and time of day.

I researched a number of hotel concierge, customer service apps, and chatbots that helped me define some of the core features. Below you can see some of the wireframing process before I designed the final feature.


For the concierge app, I wanted to ensure that the hotel staff could quickly respond to guest needs and efficiently communicate with them. It was also a requirement to build out preferences for them during their stay so that the hotel could customize and personalize their stay and learn more insights.

Below you can see some of the wireframing process before I designed the final feature.