TripAdvisor – 360° Views

UI Design, UX Design, Interaction Design

Challenge and solution

I was presented with the opportunity to leverage a third-party's library of 360° hotel photos and implement them in the TripAdvisor iPhone application. After digging into their documentation and best practices, I did a competitive analysis of a few notable VR and 360° applications. The two I looked at most were Facebook and Google Maps' street views.

From a TripAdvisor user perspective, I wanted to ensure that our customers were able to see which hotels had the feature available at the list view level. I wanted them to be exposed to the feature and be able to make a more informed decision on a hotel choice for their vacation or stay.

I determined that it would be important that we leverage the iPhone's internal gyroscope in order to make the feature up-to-par with similar apps. It was important to give users the explicit control to turn off the 360° feature that used the gyroscope. In order to do so, I had to collaborate with our engineering team to determine what was feasible in two weeks' time.

After a few explorations and weeks of work, this is what we ended up with.