Stash Invest – Web Registration

UI Design, UX Design, Interaction Design


Shortly after building out the entire web application experience, my product manager and I ran the numbers on our invest registration funnel. We were seeing significant drop-off points that needed to be addressed to help meet our KPIs for the quarter. The invest registration experience hadn't been updated in almost a year and given the visual updates to the authenticated web app, we decided it was time to overhaul.

If you're interested in exploring some of these features more in-depth, you can visit the Stash Invest® web experience and sign up for an account. (Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of these services.)

Approach to the challenge

After we did the initial quantative analysis, we coordinated with our user research team to qualitatively test the existing registration funnel with customers. Through this, we were able to identify some high level pain points:

  1. • User fatigue (the flow felt too lengthy and arduous)
  2. • Lack of clarity around certain questions
  3. • Unfamiliarity with certain investing concepts or terms
  4. • General distrust of linking bank and/or providing us with their SSN
  5. • Poor form-field validations
  6. • Poor legibility of important text on the busy gradient

I also did an extensive competitive analysis of other financial services products and registration experiences, and saw a general lack of fun or excitement. Signing up for your first investment product should be fun and informative! So for ours, we made these updates:

  1. • We broke things up into "chapters" to help ease the fatique.
  2. • Gave more context and clarity to questions customers got tripped up on.
  3. • Simplified the layouts and color palette to reduce strain and cognitive load.
  4. • Worked with our copywriter to give the messaging a friendlier and congratulative tone.
  5. • Added in animations and illustrations to bring delight and help explain some investing concepts.

Prototype and results

Below you can find a prototype of the registration experience. Through these changes, we were able to lift conversions on customers entering their SSNs by 5%, linking their banks by ~3.5%, and completing accounts by ~3%.