Some nice words that people have said about me and my work ethic.

Brian came into the Mobile team during a challenging time. Despite many changes and transitions, he stayed positive and quickly became recognized as a top designer on the Mobile team. He did a great job working with PMs, engineers, and fellow designers to move projects forward.

He consistently provided thoughtful design input, always putting the emphasis on what is best for our users. I participated in design sprints with him where he was a strong leader and advocate for getting engineers and PMs to focus on discovering innovative solutions that solve users' problems. Brian provides designs that are clean, thoughtful, and delightful, such as a subtle animation that helps communicate our message to users.

I would love the chance to work with him again in the future.

Sam Sung, Sr. Product Manager

Even though the rest of the designers worked in Boston, Brian rallied us all around a style guide initiative and ensured that the entire team contributed to the creation of mobile standards. He had remarkable organization skills, which were necessary for survival; as the sole designer in the Bay Area office, he always had dozens of tasks on his plate.

Brian also excelled at strategic thinking. He asked great questions and prioritized user needs while still upholding business goals, which was vital while our team worked on the massive task of re-designing TA’s mobile apps. His leadership and solid design process helped our team make key decisions on a number of projects. I am glad to have worked with him.

Kelly Stevens, Product Designer

Brian lead the design of Hotwire's iOS app with true passion and vision, gracefully navigating team politics and process changes, while continuing to deliver top notch design. He is a craftsman and a team player; he deeply appreciates finely crafted user experience design, and strives every day to achieve it. I respect his work.

I would not hesitate to hire, or work with Brian Beavers again in the future.

Austin Hastings, Design Director

He is creative, collaborative, fast and truly understands working with (and intelligently interpreting) agency-grade Brand Guidelines. Hire him before he's completely booked out.

Chris McLellan, Head of Growth Marketing