Karta iPhone and Android Applications

UI Design, UX Design, Brand Strategy

About this work

I worked with a small start-up out of Singapore to develop a food delivery and discovery app for Android. At the time, the market was ripe for this type of tool and platform, as there weren't many apps in the Southeast Asia area to address the demand.

It is a food discovery application that enables users to search and discover dishes in their area, leave ratings the items they've tried, share with friends, and most importantly, order! In addition, users can post photos of the dishes they've had to accompany the reviews left. This will help users feel more at ease with the dishes they order, instead of ordering sight unseen.

Unfortunately, the app never launched, but I learned a lot about designing for a vastly different audience than North American or European users. It was a good entry point for me into designing for multiple languages.


I wanted to bring featured and curated dishes to the front of the experience. The idea is that anytime a user opens the app, they can discover a variety of dishes in their area. Much of the focus will be to surface specialty foods, such as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. Additionally, partners who wish to have more exposure on the applications, get dedicated promotions on the homescreen.


Users can search for dishes in their area organically through keyword searches with a traditional search function, through a map that pulls in top dishes from within a certain radius, and discover through dedicated restaurant/business detail pages. Once a user has ordered an item, they are able to leave a detailed review on it. They are encouraged to not only leave a star rating and description of that specific item, but to upload photos of it.