Hotwire – Apple Pay

UI Design, UX Design, Interaction Design


Apple Pay was a very large initiative developed by multiple teams, as it required more complex logic behind authenticated/un-authenticated users, existing API dependencies, and payment processing systems that were already in place. Not to mention, how would Apple Pay integrate with our users' existing credit and debit card libraries? I advocated for the feature, as I felt it would be critical to converting users and reducing friction during booking. While working at Hotwire, one of the challenges I was tasked with was helping users discover more hotel inventory. We wanted to make it easier for users to expand their search for hotels in case an area was sold out, low on availability, or the prices were outside of their budget.

Two of the core use cases we wanted to address were users on a road-trip needing a last-minute hotel and users visiting a new city that don't need to stay in city-center. We evaluated a number of different features through a combination of six-up exercises and competitive analyses and whittled it down to a common interaction pattern.

If you're interested in taking a look at my solutions and designs, please download the Hotwire® iPhone® and iPad® applications.

Approach to the challenge

I researched a number of applications and Apple's documentation for the Apple Pay UI prior to diving into the design process. Some apps included Apple's own Store app, Groupon, Target, Best Buy, and I did extensive user testing in the field, as well as research into customers' behavior methods as it relates to purchasing on their smartphones.

Below you can see some of the userflows I outlined, wireframes I created, and final UI that was implemented.